I have really hesitated to blog about this for fear of being that girl, but I just wanna take a little minute to tell yall about Justin.


Photo by: Trevor DeVage

I sincerely feel like the most blessed girl on the planet to have such an incredible man in my life.  Justin loves the Lord in such a devoted way, a way that challenges me daily.  His heart is genuine, and he stands by his word. He’s patient, and kind and compassionate and more than any other quality, what I love most about him is that when he loves, that love comes from nowhere but Jesus himself.  His love for God and his love for others because of God are his very best qualities.

The semester before Justin and I met, I had spent several months in a miserable season of depression.  It’s not something I like talking about much because it was just that painful, but at one particular moment in that semester, I journalled asking God to remind me what his love looked like, because in my pain I had forgotten.  I didn’t remember what it was like to be loved by God.  I looked back at that journal a few months after meeting Justin and realized that he had been an answer to that prayer- he truly loved me with Jesus’ love.

Justin is the man of God I have always dreamt of having, but never thought I would get.  I don’t deserve him, yet God has blessed me with his love and care and selflessness, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful.  I pray I’ll get many more days, weeks and years with this sweet, wonderful man and that by our being together, someone else might see Christ more fully- not because our relationship is perfect or greater than any other couple by any means, but because they see how two imperfect, flawed people can find love through the love of Jesus.

thanks for listening to me brag about my fantastic boyfriend. 🙂


Lauren Ashley