Ive been waiting all week to tell you guys about Marissa- I wanted to have our photo shoot today before I posted about her so I could have some photos to go with her story- it’s incredible really.

While interning at Crossroads this summer, Marissa came to realize that she cared way too much about what people thought of her.  She was finding her worth in others’ opinions of her, a sort of bondage in its own way.  So she decided to break free, and to do so, she shaved her head.  She sat in a chair while her sweet friend took the clippers to her shoulder length, beautiful brown hair, reading scripture and lamenting a loss while looking forward to freedom ahead.  Her journey has been a tough one, but a liberating one as well.

We took these photos today to capture her beauty, regardless of the length of her hair, and I believe we truly did that.  Here’s a little preview 🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts!


Lauren Ashley