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Jared and Caitlin

Autumn has fallen in Cincinnati and it is fabulous.  My sweet friend Caitlin just got married last May, and asked me to do some family photos for their Christmas card and really just to celebrate Fall, so today we did! Here’s a preview:



Lauren Ashley


Lucky 7 Ranch

I always feel the need to apologize for my lack of posts on here.  Mostly I find it’s just a struggle to put things into words- it means I have to internally deal with things.  I think I would rather just…not. It’s lame and a cop-out but its truth.  SO- as always, I’ll be trying to be better. You have permission to virtually kick my tush if you don’t read many posts in the coming weeks.

on another note- this is the beloved Lucky 7 Ranch (in a few photographs):


When Justin was a kid, his parents bought a piece of land just shy of 900 acres in Uvalde, TX.  Since Justin is one of 4 Bair children, and has 3 cousins, they named it the Lucky 7 Ranch, working through all legal details to ensure that all 7 kids owned a portion of it.  It’s actually quite cool how it all happened.  Imagine a 9 year old boy learning he owns a huge chunk of land. (probably not as excited at 9 as he would be at 29 ;))

Nonetheless, this place has a nostalgia for the Bair family that’s like no other.  They hunt, they work, they get dirty, they build, they enjoy God’s creation… all TOGETHER.  It’s their place.

The first time I went, I dreaded the dirt and the bugs and whatever else you encounter on that much desert land, but after going a second time I too have grown to love it.  Not because it’s fancy, or because it’s the most aesthetically appealing place, but because it is something they have taken ownership of, something they have poured blood, sweat and tears into, and it is a place they have come to know as a second home.  The way family comes together there is beautiful.  It’s tradition and nostalgia at its best.

I think we all have our places like the Lucky 7 Ranch.  For my family it’s Tablerock Lake.  For some it’s a cabin in the mountains, others it’s a corner of sand on a beach somewhere.  These places are locations where things seem to make sense, places we retreat to away from the normal ordinary life, where our hearts find peace.  These are places we reconnect with God.  Whether the place is beautiful or not, it becomes a beautiful place because of what it does.

May you find your place if you haven’t found it yet.


Lauren Ashley